So often I hear patients that are single tell me they eat most of their meals from a drive-through or convenient stores because they don’t know how to cook/prepare food for just themselves...


I’ve always prepared food for just me! Personally, I love leftovers and don’t get bored eating the same things for multiple days in a row. So, when I meal prep, it’s breakfast/lunch/dinner for the whole work week. Pictured is a tray of mixed veggies that I roasted and loaded up with my portions of chicken. Non-starchy veggies are filled with fiber and amazing vitamins/minerals that will fill you up and along with the protein, keep you feeling full for a longer period of time.


**You don’t have to starve to maintain or lose weight - load up on those veggies, get your portion of lean protein and don’t be scared of a nutritious, high fiber carbohydrate.


You don’t need to prep for the whole week like I do, you can do 2 or 3 days at a time. You can stick to just prepping the meals you won’t be home for or, if you’re organized, you can prep different meals for the whole week. 


**This does NOT have to mean you spend an entire day prepping - ain’t nobody got time for that! Be smart about it: organize your thoughts, make a list, and create simple basic meals. Takes me 2-hours to prep all 3 meals for the week.


If you have questions on meal prepping, feel free to IG me @dietitiansam

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