Name: Anthony “Ant” Tedesco

Age: 31-years-old

Height: 5’10”

Peak Offseason Weight: 316 lbs

Peak Competition Weight: 234 lbs

Occupation: Full-Time Nutritionist/Personal Trainer/Contest Prep Coach

Years Training: 15

Favorite Syntrax Product: Nectar Sweets Double Stuffed Cookie

Having been obese for most of my childhood, it was around age 11 that I took it upon myself to begin living a healthier lifestyle, and by 16 was fully engrossed in the bodybuilding subculture. I quickly realized that my passion was not just my own fitness goals but even more so helping others in utilizing the knowledge I had acquired through both experience and formal education.

Since 2008 I have been fully self-employed as a coach/nutritionist/trainer to clients worldwide, ranging from people simply looking to develop better eating and exercise patterns to celebrities and professional athletes who absolutely must feel, look, and perform as best as humanly possible.

Outside of the fitness industry, I have quite a few diverse interests, many of which have become additional income streams/side businesses. These include but are not limited to my collections of high-performance cars and motorcycles, antiques, nightlife, sneakers (mainly Nike/retro Jordans), and weaponry of various forms. To get a closer look at my daily life and routine I can be found on Instagram @antabolic.

Written by

Anthony Tedesco

Anthony "Antabolic" Tedesco, BEXSc, CPT
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