Aug, 25 2020

Meal Prepping

So often I hear patients that are single tell me they eat most of their meals from a drive-through or convenient stores because they don’t know how to cook/prepare food for just themselves... I’ve always prepared ...

Jun, 24 2020

Size and Strength Training Program

Size & Strength Training Program    Peri-Workout Supplement Stack (These recommendations are based on a 200-lb male...feel free to adjust accordingly to your specific goals and needs): 20-30 Minutes Pre-Workout: 1 ...

Oct, 01 2019

Protein strategy: Frequent feeding can stimulate muscle growth

Protein strategy: Frequent feeding can stimulate muscle growth There’s a certain amount of protein your muscles can use and absorb in one sitting to build muscles. (It depends on the individual’s size, muscle ...

Dec, 13 2018

Meal Prepping for Beginners By Rhael Sala

    The year is almost over and that means a lot of people will be planning to do better in the new year with getting stronger, losing weight, or just trying to eat better and/or ...

Sep, 18 2018

Patience above Protein:

    By now, most of us know the bare essentials to living a healthy life. We need to eat enough protein to support a healthy metabolism and gain/maintain muscle. We need to stay somewhat active. We ...

Aug, 07 2018

Maintaining Health While Traveling

A couple of months ago, I set out on a summer road trip. The beginning of May had me in the best shape of my life and my eyes were set on California. Context: I ...

Aug, 06 2018

Accountability: “What separates successful client results from sub-par client results” By: Anthony “Antabolic” Tedesco, BEXSc, CPT

     There are many factors that go into client training and dietary success. One such factor is self-accountability and honesty. A coach can prepare the absolute most well written evidenced ...

Aug, 01 2018

What Is The Best Recovery Stack?

     When training you are beating your body up so it will adapt and become stronger. However during this process the body starts to break down especially if a recovery plan is not in place ...

Jul, 05 2018

Syntrax Bomb Pops

HOWDY EVERYONE!  Now normally, I'm either taking care of our ambassadors(looking for more, btw *wink wink*) or I'm creating something for you all to see on our social networks.  I had the opportunity to step ...

Jun, 27 2018

Why Dirty Bulking is a huge Mistake?

    Today I will write this Blog based on a personal experience and It’s more of a lesson learn that I wanted to share with all fitness athlete to avoid this mistake. It was ...