Musician. Personal Trainer. Bodybuilder.

I competed in my first competition, placing 1st in Men’s Physique, at the 2019 NPC Branch Warren Classic. Several months later, I got First Call Outs in the Top 5, placing 4th in Men’s Physique, at the NPC Miami Nationals. Bodybuilding is a necessary part of my life as I use those skills in my everyday routine to personally train others. Guiding people to reach their maximum fitness goals is essential for me. I find that training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit, just as exercise tones the body.

In addition to bodybuilding, music also encompasses my life. When you are from New Orleans, to love music would seem only natural. Music rolled in with bodybuilding and personal training make my days flow in the right direction. 

When I take a break from my busy lifestyle of juggling my gym time with clients and music, I find peace in horseback riding, traveling, and attending car shows which is a passion of mine. Football and movies are hobbies as well. 

Spending quality time with my family adds so much joy to my life. God, family, and just being around people with great insight helps me stay motivated and continues to mold me into a better person each and every day. I’m a God fearing man! I love God and love my time in church.

I’m almost a year in as a Syntrax Ambassador. Representing Syntrax gives me the opportunity to personally connect with people throughout the world who have many of the same fitness goals as I do. I love the Syntrax support and the products are A1 in taste and performance! If you have questions on reaching your maximum fitness goals, reach out to me on IG @iamjoshuadennison 

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