Name: Tawny Clark

Age: 44-years-old

Height: 5' 6"

Healthiest Weight:  130-135lbs

Favorite Syntrax Product: Nectar Sweets


I’m a passionate fitness enthusiast with plenty of unseen battle wounds and scars because of my fight with Binge Eating Disorder which has been a part of my life since childhood. Though I had physically accomplished a number of activities throughout my life including running 2 marathons, completing a Tough Mudder, a triathlon, and even stepping on the NPC Bikini stage, I still had not conquered my inner most demons. My goal continues to be to minimize my disorderly eating habits while living my best life!

How do I do it? Here’s my short list:

100% determination, persistence and dedication toward getting professional help so I could be a better person, daughter, sister, friend, and colleague.

100% guidance from my health care professional team including a Medical Doctor, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, and nutritionist.

100% unconditional support from my family, close friends, and specifically, my mom who was always there for me even on my darkest days.

100% consistency to a macronutrient based nutrition plan (flexible dieting), cardio, and weight training.

100% desire to break free from the chains of Binge Eating Disorder, and live a fit, healthy life free of foods, control, and domination.

My goal is to inspire and motivate others to realize that eating disorders can be put to rest, and a balanced life of fitness and well-being can be achieved.

I became a Syntrax Ambassador because I love, love, love Nectar Sweets. I have always struggled to find a protein powder that I love both the taste and consistency AND the nutrition profile. And now I’ve had the chance to try a lot of other Syntrax products & I love those just as much! I’ve always used random glutamine products & won’t waiver from Super Glu now that I’ve had it.





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