Let’s be honest, we all know that the person who recover faster (after a workout) is the person that most likely will progress better and eventually build muscles faster than everyone else and honestly, I was never that person who recovers fast enough! However, Over the past year, I have been educating myself on different ways of recovery and I’ve been seeing improvements! I’ll share with you some of the tips I learned:

Food/water: Nailing the right nutrition and water consumption strategy pre and post-workout can encourage quicker recovery, reduce soreness, build muscle, improve immunity and replenish glycogen.
Rest and sleep: always remember that your body builds muscles outside the gym! Mostly during sleep, so always give it enough time at least 7-8 hours’ sleep.
Improving Blood Flow: there are many recovery techniques and equipment’s available to help with improving blood flow and relaxing the muscles, I personally like to get body adjustments and bi-weekly body massages. @ power massager has been a great tool to speed up my recovery time

Have more protein before bedtime: Research shows that consuming a light, protein-rich snack before bed allows our bodies to keep repairing muscles overnight

Rest your muscles! While many advocate two days between workouts involving the same muscle group, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for recovery time. Factors like age and fitness level are important in determining how much rest we really need between our weight-lifting sessions. If you notice your performance is deteriorating from workout to workout, that’s a sure sign to schedule in a few extra rest days.

Written by

Adam Azawi

Syntrax Elite |  Physique Competitior | Fitness Photographer

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