Triple Layer Peanut Butter & Chocolate Protein Bowl

  Layer 1 and Layer 3:

1 large chocolate bar with 70% cocoa (the cocoa % amount varies according to your taste in chocolate) 

1 ½ cup of skimmed milk 

½ cup of raw sugar 

---Mix everything over low to medium heat until the chocolate melts 

Pour some of the chocolate into a glass bowl for the first layer.

  Layer 2:  

2 cups of almond milk 

2 scoops of Syntrax Matrix Peanut Butter Cookie protein powder

1 tablespoon of ground cashews 

½ cup sugar 

1 ½ cup of powdered milk 

---Mix all in a pan over medium heat until it thickens

Pour the cream into the glass bowl, over layer 2 over Layer 1.

Pour the chocolate Layer 3 over Layer 2.

Put in the refrigerator overnight 

Topping: sprinkle topping of your choice: chopped nuts, graham crackers crumbs, cookie pieces, etc.

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