As a personal trainer, I truly believe in investing in products that are healthy for me and my clients! I have owned my own personal training studio for the past 10 years and enjoy helping people reach their health and fitness goals. 


At the age of five, I started playing sports and have remained active throughout my life. Because I naturally live a healthy lifestyle, I can’t imagine my life any other way. 


Representing Syntrax as an Elite Ambassador makes me feel great! I have tried many protein shakes and never fell in love with any, until I tried Syntrax. The variety of flavors you can choose from is amazing! Syntrax can contribute to everyone’s sense of taste and I really like the nutritional aspect with no sugar, no fat and no carbs. I also love that Syntrax caters to the lactose intolerant and gluten free individuals. 


Besides lifting, my free time stays occupied by modeling, photography, traveling, acrylic painting, animals, and diving deeper into my spirituality. Many people inspire me, but especially those who are determined to make fitness a part of their everyday life. I find the best version of me comes out when I’m busy motivating myself and others. It must be in my blood to be a natural born motivator! 

If you would like to apply to become a Syntrax Ambassador, click here for all the details:

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