There are many factors that go into client training and dietary success. One such factor is self-accountability and honesty. A coach can prepare the absolute most well written evidenced based nutrition protocol for their client. However, if there is a lack of self-accountability and open communication between coach and client, the plan will not work to the clients full benefit (if at all).     

    Many people seek coaches as a way to hold themselves accountable toward their goals. Using a coach for this manner is an excellent tool, along with the knowledge and experience they will gain from the use of a reputable coach. However, simply using a coach doesn’t equal result without effort. Once the plan is sent, a client must remember their “rewards” or “goals” in following said plan. This is why I ask clients from the get-go what their goal is at the end of our time together. It is important to revisit this goal frequently. When motivation wavers, discipline in working toward their goal comes in to play. At the end of the day, a client is only short changing themselves when their discipline wavers and they choose not to adhere to the steps which will bring them closer to their end goal.

    Second, communication is imperative. There may be a time where discipline wavers and a client does not or cannot stick to the plan completely. Honesty not only with their coach, but honesty with themselves is important. Why did the slip happen? What could be done differently next time? This is highly important to consider for BOTH client and coach, in order to assess the situation and create a game plan toward the future. Keeping secrets doesn’t help anyone. Like any relationship, a coach/client relationship thrives off self-accountability and honest communication.    

    Embarking on a fitness goal and hiring a coach is an exciting investment and experience. I find my most successful clients hold themselves accountable and are honest with both themselves and me. Make sure you keep these ideas in mind if you embark on your OWN journey toward your health goals, with the help of a coach.

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Written by

Anthony Tedesco

Anthony "Antabolic" Tedesco, BEXSc, CPT
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