HOWDY EVERYONE!  Now normally, I'm either taking care of our ambassadors(looking for more, btw *wink wink*) or I'm creating something for you all to see on our social networks. 

I had the opportunity to step away from my desk in the office, only for a bit, to create what I like to call:

Syntrax Bomb Pops

Here is my recipe!!

What you need:
Syntrax Nectar Strawberry Kiwi
Nectar Caribbean Cooler
Nectar Crystal Sky
Distilled water
Depending on what size popsicle molds you use will determine amount.
First flavor is Strawberry Kiwi.

Grab a shaker to mix water/protein(4-5 scoops). If too thick, dilute with water. You more than likely will have to add extra scoops in order for flavor to stay since they're frozen.
Shake well. Pour to desired amount.
Freeze 2-2.5 hours .

Repeat for next flavor. Caribbean Cooler.
Place popsicle stick in for second flavor.
Freeze 2.5 hours

Add final flavor. Crystal Sky
Freeze 2 hours.

This was bit tedious, but fun to make!



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