Ultra Sustained-Release Protein

  •  Contains rBST-Free, Grass-Fed Whey
  •  Undenatured Micellar Casein & Egg White Protein
  •  Mixes Instantly
  •  Kosher & Halal
  •  Best-Tasting Protein in Water or Milk

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Trophix® combines the top four proteins for human nutrition into a beverage product of the highest quality. Not only does it produce better results than stand-alone whey protein beverages, but it mixes instantly and tastes great in both water and milk. Trophix’s® unique blend includes the following high quality protein sources that provide important amino acids over an extended period of time:

1. Undenatured, rBST-free, grass-fed whey protein…fast-acting protein that optimizes muscle growth by flooding tissues with a surge of amino acids.

2. Undenatured micellar casein…slow-acting protein that prevents muscle breakdown and creates long-term feelings of satiety and fullness.

3. Undenatured egg white protein…medium-acting protein that provides significant quantities of naturally occurring growth factors that promote health and recovery.

4. Glutamine peptides…fast-acting protein that provides large amounts of bioavailable glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscles.

The high-quality, great-tasting proteins in Trophix® mean you’ll never have to choke down another disgusting, inferior protein shake again!

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