Fermented and Micronized Ultra-Pure Glutamine

  • Fermented
  • Maximum Purity!
  • Micronized
  • Maximum Results!

SuperGLU™ is a 100% natural, ultra-pure, micronized glutamine powder. No other glutamine powder on the market matches the outstanding qualities of SuperGLU™. To put it simply, it is perfect! Gone are the days of synthetic glutamine with its peculiar odors and strange tastes. Gone are the days of synthetic glutamine with its unknown and potentially harmful impurities. Gone are the days of glutamine that doesn’t disperse and suspend instantly in solution. The superior manufacturing process of SuperGLU™ guarantees a product that is snowy white without off-tastes and odors. Improving the quality even further, SuperGLU™ is micronized so that each and every serving is a pleasure to take. If you’re using glutamine powder, make sure it’s SuperGLU™.